Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19


We are still here and ready to help you get the most from your salary packaging benefits.
In line with Government recommendations, many companies are operating working from home arrangements and major phone networks are experiencing intermittent issues. 
As a result, your ability to contact us, and for us to contact you, may be impacted from time to time. We apologise if this affects our ability to handle your call in a timely manner.


For Employees

If you enter an incorrect PIN three times when making a transaction, the Card will be temporarily locked for 24 hours. Even if you contact us, we are unable to unlock your card during this time.


The card is issued with a temporary PIN. We recommend for security reasons you change this PIN (it will also be easier to remember). To change your PIN, you need your card number, name, date of birth and your registered email address.


To change your PIN, visit: https://pin.emerchants.com.au.


·         Enter your 16-digit card number, your last name and date of birth, then press “continue”.

·         The details entered will be validated and on successful validation, a temporary security code will be sent to the email address registered against your card – the code will only be valid for 15 minutes. Click on “continue” – do not close the webpage, otherwise you’ll need to start the process again.

·         Check your email for the security code. The email should be received almost immediately – if you do not receive it in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder. Once you’ve located the security code, enter it and click “continue”.

·         If the security code is still valid, you will be presented with the PIN Change area. The PIN needs to be entered twice to ensure the same PIN is entered. Once the PIN is entered, select Change PIN.


If you are unable to change your PIN, please call us on 1300 139 224.


The Everyday Savings Program is included as part of your PBI Solutions Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Card - you can access savings via the EML Benefits App or at point-of-sale. With the Everyday Savings program, your salary packaging funds go even further, with thousands of dollars of discounts you can access again and again to save on groceries and retail shopping, dining, accommodation and cinema tickets.


Show & Save Offers


Show & Save offers are available via the EML Benefits app and offer excellent repeat use on dining, activities, health, beauty and local services. Participating brands include McDonalds, Brumbys, Greater Union, Lollips, AMF Bowling, Michael’s Patisserie and many more. The offers are largely show and go, and these offers are typically 20% off (up to $25) at participating merchants and can be used daily.


Discounted Vouchers


You can also make great savings when you purchase discounted gift vouchers. Treat yourself to savings at national retailers such as Coles, Kmart, Rebel Sport, Myer, Big W and JB Hi-Fi. Simply click ‘Discounted Vouchers’ in the EML Benefits App and find a bargain.


The fee is $8 plus GST per month per benefit. The fees are deducted from your card on the 27th of each month.


Yes, your Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Card can be used overseas. Transactions made in a currency other than Australian dollars will be subject to the Mastercard exchange rate at the time plus a 2.99 % foreign exchange fee.


Transactions made via BPAY are not permitted; however, you can pay your bills online or over the phone by providing the card number, expiry date and security code (CCV). You can also use your card to pay your bills via the Australia Post Billpay website – www.postbillpay.com.au. To use this functionality, you’ll need the “Post Billpay code” which can be found on most utility/ services accounts.


As your salary packaging card is a pre-paid Mastercard, it cannot be used to set up future payments such as direct debits or ongoing regular payments. This is due to the terms and conditions of salary packaging cards, which require the card to be funded before a payment can be made.


The salary packaging funds will be available on your card the day after pay day.  The first payment to the EML Card will happen on the first pay day in April 2020.  The easy to use EML Benefits app will provide you with access to your card balance as well as your transaction history. You can also access this information via your Online Account.


Please note, you can’t make a withdrawal or check your balance at an ATM.


You can add the card to your ‘digital wallet’ as soon as you have activated your card. You can do this through the EML Benefits app, or alternatively, you can add the Card manually once you have received your physical or ‘proxy’ card. Please note that you will not be able to add the card to your digital wallet until you have activated it.


Your new EML Card will be delivered to your postal address approximately 10 days after you accept the EML Terms and Conditions and activate your card.  Please ensure you check all your personal details before you accept the Terms' and Conditions',  including your postal address.

Please note you cannot use the card until salary packaging funds are deposited to the card.