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The Employee Benefits Card (EBC™) is a Credit Card that operates on a pre-paid basis and limits expenditure to the funds available.

As a cardholder you are primarily liable for amounts spent on the card.

The following steps summarise how the EBC™ is established and operates.

  1. Your employer establishes an EBC facility with Westpac which enables employees to apply for an EBC™ under a salary sacrifice agreement entered into with the employer.
  2. Employees apply for an EBC™ card.
  3. An agreed salary sacrifice amount is transferred each pay cycle by the employer through the electronic banking system to the employee’s EBC™ account.
  4. The employee uses the EBC™ to pay for expenses. Expenditure amounts are limited to the available funds established by the salary sacrifice transfers. Funds in the account are only accessible through incurring expenses on the Card and no cash advances are available.
  5. Each month cardholders receive a statement of amounts spent and the balance of the account is discharged with the salary sacrifice funds available. Any remaining funds available each month are carried forward and added to subsequent salary sacrifice transfers.
  6. On termination of a card, including termination of employment, the EBC™ is cancelled.