What are Meal and Accommodation benefits?


You can use your Meal & Accommodation Card for expenses that qualify as 'meal entertainment' and holiday accommodation/venue hire’ as defined by the Australian Tax Office. Loosely, this can be defined as:


  • Entertainment by way of food and drink, or accommodation or travel for the purpose of facilitating entertainment by way of food or beverages

  • Holiday accommodation and venue hire expenses both in Australia and overseas


The term 'entertainment' here would not be used to refer to a performance or the like. Rather, it would mean a gathering of more than one person for the purpose of eating out and enjoying themselves.


Here are some examples of expenses that are likely to qualify for Meal & Accommodation benefits


  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends or family at a restaurant/cafe

  • Drinks and food at a bar or nightclub

  • Purchases of food and drink for a party or BBQ

  • Drinks and food while on holidays at a resort or hotel

  • Taxi travel to a club or restaurant where you intend to eat and drink

  • Accommodation within Australia or overseas; including hotel or motel room, caravan park or bed-and-breakfast accommodation

  • Venue hire expenses; for example the hire of a private function room for a family celebration, like a wedding or birthday party.


Examples of expenses NOT covered by Meal and Accommodation benefit.


  • Purchase of general household food and drink (i.e. groceries)

  • Purchase of alcohol to be consumed at home

  • Tickets to movies or sporting and cultural events

  • Services such as mini-bar, room service, laundry, in-house movies, and waiter hire

  • Accommodation and venue hire expenses incurred while traveling for work related purposes


You are unable to set up recurring direct debit payments on the card or use it to withdraw money from an ATM or when making EFTPOS transactions. Money transfers - either from another account to your card or vice versa - are also unavailable.