How can you benefit?


Making the most of your salary is easier than you think. Because you work in the Public Benevolent Institution sector, you can salary package a part of your income on meal and accommodation expenses.


Usually, your salary is paid to you after your employer withholds tax. With a Meal & Accommodation Card, you can pay for your meal and accommodation expenses using a portion of your salary that hasn't been taxed. Less tax withheld means more money in your back pocket!


It works like this:


  • You nominate how much money you'd like allocated to your card tax-free each time you get paid.
  • Each pay period, that amount will be credited to your Meal & Accommodation Card without any tax being applied.
  • The money will be immediately available for you to spend! Simply select 'credit' when paying at the register, or use the BPay option for online purchases or bill payment.
  • You'll be sent a monthly card statement, listing all transactions on the card from the previous month.
  • Your employer benefits too - they provide you with tax-free benefits, without any administration costs normally associated with salary packaging!