Frequently Asked Questions


With the combined cap and card, am I now automatically eligible for both meal entertainment and accommodation benefits?


No. Your employer determines which benefits you are eligible to salary package. This could be Meal Entertainment only, Holiday Accommodation only or both. Your HR or payroll department can confirm these – or call our customer service team on 1300 004 724.


My employer only offers Meal Entertainment. What does the combined cap mean for me?


Every employer is different so while you may not be eligible for all the benefits, you will still have access to the full $2,650 cap.

For example

Meal Entertainment + Leisure Accommodation/Venue Hire = $2,650

Meal Entertainment only = $2,650

Leisure Accommodation/Venue Hire only = $2,650


Can I overspend on my card? 


No. You can only spend what's available from deposits made to your card account by your employer.


If a transaction is approved that would cause you to spend more than your available funds, the overspent amount will be debited from your nominated account at the end of the relevant statement cycle.


How do I check the balance on my card? 


There are three ways to check your balance:


  • At an ATM
  • Online or via telephone banking
  • Contact Westpac Call Centre 

You will also receive a monthly statement outlining transactions made from that period.


What happens at year-end? 


The salary packaging of meal and accommodation expenses works in line with the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year, which ends on 31 March. Any amounts left over at the end of the FBT year will be carried forward at this time, and will be available for you to spend in the new year.If any balance is carried forward, it will reduce your annual $2,650 limit (cap) for the following FBT year.


What happens to my card if I leave my job?


Upon resignation or termination of employment, your card will be automatically cancelled and must be returned to your employer. Your employer will arrange for any unspent funds on the card to be taxed and returned to you via payroll.


Are Meal and Accommodation benefits reportable? What does this mean?


Yes, from 1 April 2016, these benefits are reportable, which means the dollar value paid towards these benefits in an FBT year will be reported on your PAYG summary, and may affect obligations such as HECS, child care payments and more (depending on your personal circumstances). You can read more about this by clicking here.


What does ‘grossed-up’ mean? What is the actual dollar value I can claim for both benefits?


The FBT rules mean that salary packaged benefits do not count towards the cap on a 1:1 basis – they are ‘grossed up’ before being applied. The current gross-up rate applicable to meal and accommodation benefits is 1.9608, which means that every dollar packaged for these benefits will ‘cost’ $1.96 in grossed-up cap.


All this means is that the maximum actual dollar value you can claim under Meal Entertainment and Leisure Accommodation/Venue Hire benefits before breaching the grossed-up cap is $2,650 (i.e. $2,650 x 1.8868 = $5,000).


Can you apply for an additional cardholder?


Yes. If you would like your spouse or partner to have access to your funds with their own card, this can be arranged.