How can you benefit?


Making the most of your salary is easier than you think. Because you work in the Public Benevolant Institution sector, you can salary package a part of your income on every day expenses.


Generally, your salary is paid to you after tax is witheld by your employer. But you could be using an Everyday Purchase Card to pay for most day to day living expenses, using a portion of your salary that hasn't been taxed - and less tax witheld means more money in your back pocket!


It works like this:


  1. You nominate how much money you'd like allocated to your card tax-free each time you get paid. There is an annual limit on how much you can spend tax-free, so check with your employer to see what it is.
  2. Each pay period, that amount will be credited to your Everyday Purchase Card without any tax being applied.
  3. The money will be immedietely available for you to spend! Simply select 'credit' when paying at the register, or use the BPay option  for online purchases or bill payment.
  4. You'll be sent a monthly card statement, listing all transactions on the card from the previous month.


Your employer benefits too - they provide you with tax-free benefits, without any administration costs normally associated with salary packaging!