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Stay competitive as an employer

As a PBI employer, you have the opportunity of providing $15,900 ($9,010 for private not-for-profit and public hospitals) of tax-free benefits to all your employees.

There are many advantages to this, including:

  • Providing competitive levels of remuneration
  • Attracting employees
  • Retaining employees
  • Having a reputation as an employer that looks after staff

How can PBI Solutions help?

With the Employee Benefits Card (EBC™) suite.


An Employee Benefits Card (EBC™) not only has the advantage of helping your staff make the most of their salary, it also helps you.

The EBC™ is a simple and straightforward system that cuts down on unnecessary paperwork and administration.


Benefits for the employer

It's a MasterCard or Visa card (but there's no access to credit). Your employees can use it to access their pre-tax funds wherever MasterCard or Visa card is accepted.

  • There's no waiting for amounts spent to be reimbursed.
  • No credit rating is required.
  • Employees have ATM and call centre access to account balances
  • Employees have ATM and call centre access to account balances

How it works

Getting an Employee Benefit Card up and running is a matter of establishing an EBC™ facility in your workplace. Any salary sacrifice payments are then electronically transferred to the card account.

The employee can then apply for their Employee Benefits Card. Once that's done, Westpac can issue a card and they can start using it immediately to pay for expenses.