Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19


We are still here and ready to help you get the most from your salary packaging benefits.
In line with Government recommendations, many companies are operating working from home arrangements and major phone networks are experiencing intermittent issues. 
As a result, your ability to contact us, and for us to contact you, may be impacted from time to time. We apologise if this affects our ability to handle your call in a timely manner.


Transactions made via BPAY are not permitted; however, you can pay your bills online or over the phone by providing the card number, expiry date and security code (CCV). You can also use your card to pay your bills via the Australia Post Billpay website – www.postbillpay.com.au. To use this functionality, you’ll need the “Post Billpay code” which can be found on most utility/ services accounts.