If you salary package both living expenses and meal entertainment benefits, the funds will be available on the same card.


Although funds are available on the same card, these funds are kept separate. The type of merchant you use and the details of the transaction will automatically trigger the account the funds are taken from (either Living Expenses or Meal Entertainment).


For example, if you use your card at a restaurant and are salary packaging Meal Entertainment, the funds will be deducted from the Meal Entertainment account. If you have insufficient funds in your Meal Entertainment account, your Living Expenses account will be used to make up the difference.This doesn’t work the other way because the funds in the Meal Entertainment account can only be used for qualifying Meal Entertainment transactions (i.e. if you don’t have enough funds in your Living Expenses account, your Meal Entertainment balance can’t be used to make up the difference). In this case, the transaction would be declined.


If you are only packaging one benefit – Salary Packaging Benefits or Meal Entertainment, your employer will only establish the appropriate benefit for your EML Card and the deduction will be allocated each pay.