Salary packaging support in response to COVID-19


We are still here and ready to help you get the most from your salary packaging benefits.
In line with Government recommendations, many companies are operating working from home arrangements and major phone networks are experiencing intermittent issues. 
As a result, your ability to contact us, and for us to contact you, may be impacted from time to time. We apologise if this affects our ability to handle your call in a timely manner.


The card is issued with a temporary PIN. We recommend for security reasons you change this PIN (it will also be easier to remember). To change your PIN, you need your card number, name, date of birth and your registered email address.


To change your PIN, visit: https://pin.emerchants.com.au.


·         Enter your 16-digit card number, your last name and date of birth, then press “continue”.

·         The details entered will be validated and on successful validation, a temporary security code will be sent to the email address registered against your card – the code will only be valid for 15 minutes. Click on “continue” – do not close the webpage, otherwise you’ll need to start the process again.

·         Check your email for the security code. The email should be received almost immediately – if you do not receive it in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder. Once you’ve located the security code, enter it and click “continue”.

·         If the security code is still valid, you will be presented with the PIN Change area. The PIN needs to be entered twice to ensure the same PIN is entered. Once the PIN is entered, select Change PIN.


If you are unable to change your PIN, please call us on 1300 139 224.