Activate by logging in to your online account or via the mobile app


Once you receive your physical or ‘proxy’ card:

  • - simply go to and enter the email and password you created when you accepted the cards terms and conditions. Once you have logged in select ‘Manage Cards’ and then activate the ‘proxy’ card; or

- Download the ‘EML Benefits' app' from Google or Apple store.


Activate over the phone by calling 1300 139 224


This is an automated line and you will need your 16 digit card number and security code you nominated when you applied for the card.


Once you’ve activated your card, the first time you make a purchase you’ll need to insert your card, select 'credit' and then enter your PIN. After this first transaction, you can make purchases by tap and go™ if you then prefer.


After you’ve made your first transaction, you can then use Mastercard tap and go™ on purchases up to $100 (at eligible terminals), meaning you don’t need to sign or enter a PIN. For transactions over $100, additional authorisation is required by entering your PIN (for security reasons).